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How the Atheer AiR Glass is bringing Augmented Reality solutions to deskless workspaces

posted Sep 26, 2016, 5:31 PM by Blog Poster   [ updated Jun 23, 2017, 4:43 PM ]
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We have talked about the potential of virtual and augmented reality in the workspace on the website before. However, so far we have only been throwing out ideas of how productivity could be increased with augmented reality integration. Believe it or not, there is a product available, while in limited stock, that is successfully bringing the potential of augmented reality to workplaces right now. This is no Oculus Rift, Vive, or Google Glass; while these products are great for playing games and looking dorky it is simply not possible to integrate them into the workspace. This product is the Atheer AiR Glass and it will revolutionize important and ever growing fields such as science and engineering.

The Atheer AiR Glass is revolutionary in how it approaches augmented reality. It has taken the best of the augmented and virtual reality worlds and brought it into a simple, yet effective package. The Atheer has the immersive power of virtual reality, it is a headset in all ways except bulky. Unlike augmented reality glasses, the field of view is not cut off on the sides. Yet like high-quality headsets, the image is clear.

The Atheer AiR Glass is mobile like the GearVR, yet does not have to sacrifice its potential by relying on a phone to provide processing power. Instead, the power of this brilliant device comes from an in-person mini-computer that provides its processing power. Loaded onto the computer is the Atheer OS, tailored just for the Ather AiR Glasses. In addition, this computer can connect via WiFi and Bluetooth (4G LTE also coming soon) to other computers to perform even more complex tasks and to receive instructions. This decentralization of processing power allows for a lightweight AR solution without any sacrifices to its powerful potential.

Included on the Atheer AiR Glass is a directional microphone which will allow for easy, wireless communication without the need of an additional device. Mounted on the front of the headset are 3 cameras, 2 RGB cameras, and a single 3D depth camera. These cameras work together to bring you a clear image and hand gesture recognition, and thus interaction. Unlike the Google Glass this headset is made to be used hands-free. To top it all off included on the device is a sensor which allows for full head-tracking in all 9 degrees of freedom. 

All these features come together to allow for desk-less professionals, such as engineers, scientists, and even surgeons to take advantage of augmented reality to help improve their productivity (and in the case of surgeons, even save lives). Augmented reality allows for an uninterrupted flow of information from any source to the user. While the vitals monitor in the hospital provides information on the patient the doctors and surgeons must interrupt what they're doing to analyze it which creates two problems. While they are analyzing the vitals they are not taking care of the patient. Yet vitals are important information that they need to have in mind while operating/caring for the patient. With the Atheer AiR Glass, that doctor would be able to both monitor vitals and operate on the patient as that information would be projected onto the vision of the Glass. While this certain application of the AiR Glass is specific, there are much more possible solutions for desk-less fields or fields of work which require movement and interactivity.

If you are interested in more information on the Atheer AiR Glass such as its potential applications and information on purchasing it for your business you can visit their official website at "".

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