Our why

We are searching to find, to documenting and promote  the best methods and practices that virtual and augmented reality that can add and improve humanity quality of life. ( I.e. Augmented  reality assisting Parkinson patients , sports, fitness, and wellness)
The two-dimensional computer screen can hardly  engage human emotion, psychology, and physics. Virtual and augmented  reality will take humanity to places no man has ever gone before.

We want to improve humanity's  life and our planet through Virtual and Augmented  reality's emotional potential  connecting people and  to information, places and time.

Our vision

We believe virtual and augmented reality will

  1. Change and shape the course of humanity and create new realities where we can be what we choose to be, rather than what we are told to be or born to be.
  2. Change and touched humanity in a primal way. You only need to look at the adoption rates of Mobile phone , Facebook, and Twitter to realize that the web is indeed connecting human consciousness.
  3. Take advantage of  the internet and Virtual reality to emotionally contact  and communicate with others. 
  4. The 1st step toward teleportation, people can be together without having to travel. An attempt to experience the Multiverse

Our goal 

We seek to;
  • Find, discover and share  all aspects of virtual and augmented reality  that can improve and add value to  humanity and our planet. 
  • Build the largest community of virtual and augmented reality enthusiasts and share.
Want to become a part of the VR revolution?


In an age when we believe there are many dimensions (multiverse)  and fewer of us believe we will ascend to heaven, may be limitless uploads to a virtual afterlife be the next best thing.