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Virtual and Augmented Reality in Business

posted Aug 9, 2016, 10:05 AM by Blog Poster   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 1:09 PM ]

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Virtual reality and augmented reality have always been associated with gaming. However virtual reality and augmented reality aren't just able to give users a better gaming experience. VR and AR can also be used to be more productive in work as well. In an article yesterday we talked about the new Envelop for Windows which allowed for users to be in virtual reality with the different windows open on their computer surrounding them. Giving employees multiple screens will increase their productivity and allow them to multi-task easier. How much more productive and how much more multi-tasking can employees do when they can have infinite screens in their virtual reality? This is just the start of virtual reality software for businesses.

If you remember Google Glass you might remember that it was a failure and socially unacceptable to wear in public. The glass was useless and your phone ended up being just as useful if not more useful than the Google Glass. But that was just the start of augmented reality hardware. Technology has changed a lot since the invention of Google Glass in 2012. Not only has the technology gotten smaller, but augmented reality has become more socially acceptable. With the popularization of Pokemon Go everyday people are being exposed to augmented reality technology. The only difference with a glass is that you can have it on your face instead of in your pocket. Augmented reality devices would allow you to do tasks hands-free and allow you to multi-task much more easily. New augmented reality hardware could change the way that we all live our lives like the invention of the smartphone did.  

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