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Virtual Reality Rapidly Growing in China

posted Aug 18, 2016, 10:52 AM by Blog Poster   [ updated Aug 23, 2016, 4:01 PM ]
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Virtual Reality isn't just a growing market in the United States and Europe, but a growing market in Asia. In fact China's VR market is expected to soon surpass the United States' VR market.

China has quickly adopted Virtual Reality, not for personal use, but for public use. Virtual Reality headsets can be used at 'VR Cafes' for a small fee. Like the Internet Cafes which are popular in China VR Cafes let people who usually could not afford VR (or internet) to be able to rent it for just a small fee.

The renting business model has not caught on in the United States. The closest the United States will get so far to having public VR stations will beVR arcades and VR machines coming to movie theater lobbies and malls. Even these are not really public VR but more of an attraction. You can't just plug in the VR Headset into your laptop and watch a VR movie or play a game. With arcades and specialized VR machines you can only do what the arcade/machine has programmed you to be able to do. 

In reaction to the rapidly growing VR market in China Nokia, producer of the high-end VR camera the Ozo, has announced that their camera will release for sale in China soon. The Ozo is a high-end camera that is priced at $45,000 and will see a lot of success in the rapidly expanding VR Market of China. With the announced release of the Ozo in China by Nokia other VR products will most likely follow.

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