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Virtual Reality Market Saturated in Hardware, needs Software

posted Aug 16, 2016, 10:55 AM by Blog Poster   [ updated Aug 23, 2016, 3:56 PM ]
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There are plenty VR headsets in the market right now. There is the GearVR and Google Cardboard for an entry-level headset. There is the Oculus Rift for a mid-level headset. Then there is the Vive for a high-end headset. On top of those there have been many new headsets announced such as the Dlodlo and the PSVR. Yet content for VR users has so far been limited to basic demo-like games. Clearly the VR market is flooded in hardware, so where is the software?

The novelty of virtual reality should not be the only reason to invest in a headset. Meaningful content should be the driving reason to invest in a virtual reality headset. Virtual reality is a great experience, but purchasing a headset just for the 360 degree VR view is not putting VR to its potential. Right now most software for virtual reality consists of paid demos, without much content and only lasting a few hours. Not only are the demos short lived but usually they are generally poorly made games. The main mechanic of a game should not be virtual reality. Instead virtual reality should enhance the core mechanics of the game. This lack of content for VR in turn ends up hardware sales as most people can't justify spending up to $800 for a novel experience.

The lack of software for virtual reality means that the market is wide open for people wanting to create or invest in VR content. People are tired of demos and will gladly take full game with good VR integration. Bethesda studios has taken advantage of the VR market to announce the port of one of it's most popular games, Fallout 4, into Virtual Reality. Fallout 4 is already a solid game with many core mechanics, adding Virtual Reality will clearly improve the game. While there market for VR software is quite empty now, investors and game creators can hopefully see the potential of the VR market.

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