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The World's First 360 VR Camera Satellite Launching 2017

posted Aug 10, 2016, 10:54 AM by Blog Poster   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 1:01 PM ]

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Most of us will not get to go to space before we die. Not only is going to space expensive but it also requires around two years of training and near-perfect health.

However all hope is not lost for those of us who would like to experience space before we die. SpaceVR has plans to send a VR camera Satellite to the International Space Station. SpaceVR is a project 1.5 years in the making. While the initially it looked like it would never happen after a failed kick starter, after an investment of 1.25 million the project was good to launch. The project is estimated to finish by 2017. After the Satellite launch the creator of SpaceVR hopes that people will be able to buy a subscription service to be able to see the camera streaming live. More information is available in this "" article by Sky Selrach.

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