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The Future is now and how augmented reality will make us all into geniuses

posted Aug 30, 2016, 5:11 PM by Blog Poster   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 8:56 AM ]

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We are in the future. Today almost every human has access to the entire database of human knowledge in their pockets, the internet. With the invention of the smartphone we can search just about anything on the internet and receive an answer. Within a few seconds information that took people just decades ago hours to find out is now available for us to learn in the same minute we become curious about the subject.

Anyone with a phone can use their brain's knowledge as their "quick-access" memory (think about RAM in a computer) and can also use their phone as another route to knowledge (think about a computer's hard-drive). For example if someone gets a flat tire on the road, with the proper tools even the most inexperienced person can find out how to fix the problem with a simple google search. This level of access to knowledge has let just about anyone be smarter than Einstein. While Einstein undoubtedly had a great mind, today most of us have access to all the great minds and works of people. Formulas that people dedicated their entire lives to can be looked up within minutes. These formulas don't even need to be memorized as they can be looked up again with ease. Thanks to the integration of technology into our daily lives we are all geniuses.

With augmented reality access to information will be quicker than ever. Taking out one's smartphone and  searching on google is easy, but things can always get more efficient. Instead of watching a YouTube video on how to fix your flat tire soon you may see a 3-D demonstration of what to do happening right in front of you. This demonstration won't just have fancy visual effects, but will actually interact with your car, simulating taking a wheel out and installing it. This type of interactive learning will let anyone do the most complex of tasks. Already augmented reality technology is coming out that will let anyone do professional quality wood-working without any prior experience.

Car repair tutorials are just the tip of the iceberg of how augmented reality can allow anyone to gain knowledge. Imagine scientists who are trying to solve a complicated, many-step formula, have their work and help displayed right on their field of vision. Even menus at restaurants could be obsolete as the menu would be downloaded unto your glasses via WiFi.

While technology at this level is years down the line, do not let it catch you unprepared. 

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