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The Dlodlo Virtual Reality "Headset" will bring higher resolution to a less bulky frame

posted Aug 11, 2016, 10:34 AM by Blog Poster   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 12:33 PM ]

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Just like computers when they were first invented, VR headsets are heavy and bulky. The technology isn't there to allow for the processing of the two lenses in a smaller space. However a Chinese company has created a pair of VR sunglasses called the Dlodlo. The Dlodlo is a light 3.1 ounce VR "headset" that has cut off almost 80% of the weight of a traditional VR headset. Although it really shouldn't be called a headset as it's more like a pair of sunglasses now. The glasses are able to weigh so little because instead of processing the data on a headset, the data is processed on the computer or phone. This means that the glasses only needs to provide visual feedback and tracking.

You might expect the Dlodlo to have sub-par performance to it's larger competitors, the Vive and the Oculus Rift. However the Dlodlo has them both beat in resolution featuring a 2400x1200 pixel display. This product is not only smaller and sleeker but of higher quality as well. New VR innovations such as the Dlodlo show how quickly the VR market is advancing forward.

The Dlodlo doesn't come without its downsides though. According to Adi Robertson from "" in the 10 minutes he got to demo the sunglasses, they kept sliding off the face. The Dlodlo was very front-heavy for a pair of glasses. In addition there are reports that the glasses, while boasting a higher resolution display than other VR competitors, looks worse than the other, similar priced headsets. Although we should note that it was a demo of the sunglasses and that demo may not represent the final product.

One major issue for new headsets and glasses that wish to enter the market (like the Dlodlo) is the available content for them. Already we have seen Oculus attempt to get a monopoly on VR content through its Oculus store. While in response HTC has responded with reports of making their own store. One of the major issues that will arise as more and more VR headsets enter the market is how VR content will be sold and the extent of exclusive content on certain headsets.

The Dlodlo is set for release this fall for $559 in an upcoming kick starter campaign, cheaper than the Vive for those of us who are adventurous. The developer edition of the Dlodlo will ship this October.

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