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How start ups are in the best position to capture the virtual reality market

posted Aug 31, 2016, 3:43 PM by Blog Poster   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 8:50 AM ]
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Video game start-ups or "indie games" make up a large potion of the 2D market. What makes these indie games more desired than many large games created by dedicated game publishers is that indie games can hit niches that wouldn't be profitable for large publishers. In addition indie games can often drive revenue from early-access or kick starter which allows the game to develop independently from publishers and to create a game that the people want.

It's quite clear, as discussed on this website many times before, that the world of virtual reality doesn't have enough software for all the fancy new gadgets that are constantly being made. The problem is, like stated previously, at this point virtual reality is a small niche that larger companies can't profit off of. You can make the most attractive video game with the best features with millions in budget but the product will be limited by the amount of people who own virtual reality headsets. This is where the indie games, which don't require a large budget to develop, can really flourish.

The greatest thing about the virtual reality market is that, unlike most niches, it is growing exponentially. Most niches have a ceiling of people that a certain product ( like a video game) can access. This market allows start-ups to flourish but also puts a cap on how well they can do. The ceiling for virtual reality is constantly growing. According to the IDC virtual reality will grow at 181% compounded per year between now and 2020. This means that start up companies can develop the game while the virtual reality market caters to them best. Then if a game is successful enough it will be hard to hit the market's ceiling as more and more consumers adopt virtual reality. 

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