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How hardware companies plan to tackle the Vive's annoying wire problem

posted Sep 12, 2016, 6:28 PM by Blog Poster   [ updated Sep 12, 2016, 6:29 PM ]
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The Vive, without a doubt, is the best virtual reality headset in the market right now. The Vive's biggest selling point is its "roomscale VR" which allows for users to get up and to be tracked walking across their room. This coupled with the Vive's controllers allow for the Vive to be a much more immersive VR experience than the Rift. That is until you trip on the wire.

The largest problem with the Vive headset is that the wire will get in your way. The complications from this range from mild annoyance to tripping with a $800 headset strapped to your face to help break your fall. Virtual reality can't be fully immersive when your always worried about where the fire that connects your headset to your computer is. Luckily there are solutions coming.

HTC is working with Quark VR to come up with a wireless solution to the Vive. They plan on designing a wireless transmitter that would be hooked up (by wire) to the Vive headset. Except instead of then running a cord to a computer, the information would be transmitted and received through Wi-Fi to the computer. This means that there will be no wire to get in your way when your walking through your virtual worlds. The problem with this is that the Vive transmits and receives a lot of information and isn't really optimized in that aspect so without fast Wi-Fi speeds this solution will just end up causing more problems.

MSI is also working on their own solution to the problem of the wire, a computer backpack called the VR One. This backpack isn't just a processor, it is basically a full on computer that you can strap to your back. The great thing about the VR One is that it solves the problem of needing a high-end PC to be able to run VR and the problem of the wire in one purchase. The VR One will weigh less than 8 pounds and will run for 1.5 hours on its battery. Luckily included with a purchase of the VR One will be an extra rechargeable battery for easy replacement. While the battery is charging you can keep using the backpack.

Both these solutions have no release dates and prices aren't decided yet, although you can bet that the wearable computer isn't going to be cheap. Until then we will have to live dangerously, with wires that we can trip over.

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