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How Virtual Reality is being Practically Used Right Now

posted Aug 11, 2016, 12:46 PM by Blog Poster   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 10:10 AM ]
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Virtual reality tends to be associated with playing video games. This is no surprise as the roots of the rebirth of virtual reality have been in gaming. However virtual reality has many practical uses in the real world that are being done right now and will revolutionize our lives in the future.

Many people enjoy watching sports even if they would prefer being in the stadium in person. This is because it not only costs a lot of money to go to a sports event, but it is inconvenient and time consuming to prepare and travel to one as well. With VR people can enjoy the feeling of being in the stadium without the hassles of actually traveling to one. In fact if you own a GearVR you can watch sports events right now, just go to "" and follow their instructions.

Less and less people are travelling to malls to go shopping as more and more people shop on online retailers like Amazon and Ebay. No only are online retailers usually cheaper but they are far more convenient than their retail store counterparts. However online retailers aren't without their downsides. One of the largest problems of online retailers is that you can't really see and touch what your buying. This makes shopping for things that matter more cosmetically like clothes online much harder. Amazon, one of the most popular online retailers has tried to fix this issue with a very lenient return policy, but it can get frustrating to repackage your items and there is a long delay of time between buying your items and seeing if you actually like the product, especially if you don't have Amazon Prime. Virtual reality can solve this problem too.

While you won't be able to beam clothes to your virtual body *yet* you can check out furniture with the IKEA VR Experience which allows you to take a look at select IKEA products in virtual reality. You can download the IKEA VR experience for your virtual reality headset on steam for free.

Ebay has also gotten in on the VR action. If you own a Gear VR or Google Cardboard you can shop in the Ebay VR department store by downloading their app on your Samsung or Apple smartphone.

Finally VR is also being used in the medical field right now from psychological uses to surgical uses. Virtual reality is being used to expose people to their phobias to deal with fears of things like tight spaces and flying. Experiencing it in virtual reality will ease people into situations that they would normally avoid and help break the pattern of avoidance. VR is also being used to treat new surgeons, while simulations have been used for new surgeons since 2002, the technology of virtual reality can great improve the training experience.

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