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Augmented Reality is coming to business and sooner than you think

posted Aug 24, 2016, 6:33 PM by Blog Poster   [ updated Aug 26, 2016, 8:14 AM ]
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Augmented reality in your office may seem like something that is decades away especially considering that 34% of businesses are still using Windows XP or older operating systems. However AR technology will be coming into the world of business sooner that you might've thought. Augmented reality isn't just a new software upgrade that makes the desktop look nicer or speed up the system. Augmented reality is a completely new technology. A company not taking advantage of augmented reality technology within a few years would be comparable to a company not taking advantage of computer technology today.

Augmented reality technology has the potential to be useful for people ranging from salesmen to electricians. Augmented reality would allow for company meetings to convey more information in more engaging ways. Imagine the boss showing off the latest sales figures in a 3D space which allows for more information to be conveyed. Augmented reality would also allow for a deeper layer of communication between business and clients. Companies would no longer need to schedule in-person meetings with clients as they can both be sitting in the same room through augmented reality. 

A lot of electrical work is done within the walls, while electricians have tools to help deal with this, imagine how augmented reality would help. With the click of a button electricians would be able to see all the currents going on through the wall (and thus all the cables/wires with all their potential problems), and possibly the voltage of these currents as well. 

These are just two fields, varying extremely in the work that they preform, that would benefit from the introduction of augmented reality to their work. There are thousands of examples that could be given for different fields on the applications of this revolutionary technology. 

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