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Are there specialized audio headsets for virtual reality?

posted Sep 14, 2016, 5:00 PM by Blog Poster   [ updated Sep 14, 2016, 5:01 PM ]
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One aspect of virtual reality immersion that is often overlooked is the audio. Some people will spend upwards of $800 on their virtual reality headset and then supplement their experience with cheap $10 earbuds. While there are no specific headsets that are made for virtual reality the JBL Everest Elite has rolled out virtual reality features.

The JBL will integrate with your HTC Vive and thus it integrates with your virtual reality experience. The headset will do things such as lower its volume when you start to get close to the Vive's sensor range, allowing you to know when your about to possibly walk into a wall (a big problem with virtual reality). On top of lowering the headset's volume when you reach the edge of the Vive's range it will boost the volume of the external microphone. This will allow users to be able to listen to what is happening outside the world of virtual reality without needing to constantly take the headset on and off, which can be challenging with the bulky Vive in your way.

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